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Bang Bang, Album Release Party by Determind

Bang Bang, Album Release Party by Determind & Friends

After two successful singles on his label Stargazing Records, Determind decided that it was time to step up once more and bring something special to his audience: an entry in the musician’s catalogue that would stand as his defining sonic statement and signature sound.
To focus on this project, he decided not to release any music in 2021 to prepare a 6-track album with bonus material that will be released in March 2022.
On Friday 11 March 2022, the album will be available on all streaming platform and premiered on YouTube and Soundcloud and, the celebration party will take place the next day, Saturday 12 at the Lighthouse where Florian and his family crew will electrify the rooftop & the club all night long

9-10. Skulz, Florian’s longtime friend, Local DJ/Producer that bring a fantastic remix of No Fear, Tribute To Nina Simone.

 10-12. Dani Maya, Florian’s partner in crime and resident of Banana Mama that help Determind discovered House music culture back in the days

 12-01. Determind, will play for the very first time in public the full album and remixes, and jump in b2b with Nouch

 01-02. Nouch, one of the greatest Determind’s support that help kick start Florian first DJ residence in Landmark 81 will be closing the rooftop

Club Floor:
11 – 12. Matty, Local Talent DJ/ Producer, that is currently working on Determind’s new electronic project for the label

 12- 02. Dazed P & Goon, Two hottest DJ brothers, Florian’s longtime friends and partners

 02 – 05. Michiel & Steffen, some of greatest friends and support as well that will be closing the club and probably opening Broma morning if we are lucky enough
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