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A techno utopia perfectly designed for those who wish to lose themselves in music.
Cyberia will not only provide you with a special international lineup, but will also transport you to a cyberpunk themed atmosphere.
Expect lots of head-banging beats, and glow in the dark decor to assure you will have an amazing trip.
Welcome to Cybe.ri..a...



/ Plagiarhythm PLAGIARHYTHM (SA) /

Known by his wonderful mother as Dominic Michael Connor (DMC - thanks mum xx) and born in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, Plagiarhythm has a love for music that runs deeper than a lady of the nights coin purse.

A quasi-veteran in South Africa, he has ventured to Lighthouse Festival in Croatia 4 times in a row.

In November 2017, Plagiarhythm had the opportunity to play at Quest Festival in Vietnam. He fell in love with the country and moved there in early 2018 to find out what South East Asia has to offer...

"To be cool you have to be part of a fad that always dies. I prefer to just do what i do and fly my uncool flag pretty high.

Good dance music that makes people dance.

That's my credo."


Ro-TUNE is a Minimal / Techno duo DJ from Vietnam, consisting of Kaiser T and Hillusion.

With fresh shot of inspiration & specific vibe, that was already established at their early stage.

The love of synthetic sound and solid basslines unites both and pulls through their life - and is still the basis for their cooperation.

Ro-TUNE refers their music as a form of communication.

Together, they share the stage at Vibes Nation Beach Festival Vietnam, Water Sensation Cambodia and at ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL SINGAPORE 2018, Ro-TUNE, for the first time, stood as a representative of Vietnam to play at the 4th stage (created by PIONEER DJ) and received many positive responses from the crowd.


/ DBP Basslines DBPB (ARCAN/FR) /

DBP Basslines first encounter with Techno was first when he came to Vietnam in 2014. At the time he is not yet a DJ, and mainly listens to Psytrance, and Hartek/Hardcore. After regularly attending House and Techno parties, he discovers a lot of fun in the Techno scene and starts paying a lot more attention to this very famous but new to him electronic music genre.

A few years later, DBP Basslines settles for good in Vietnam and co-founds an underground nightclub Arcan. Since 2017 DBP Basslines has now got recognition as a strong Techno DJ, inclined in finding the best basslines and rhythms to serve to his audience.

The fatter the better, never losing the musical and speedy influences of his youth.


Born in Russia, raised in Japan, Vietnam based Korean DJ Wasabae was introduced to the underground scene first when she attended the infamous dress up party Mad Circus in 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Quickly she found herself being drawn into this community, like a moth to the flames, and soon enough became a promoter co-organizing Mad Circus, as well as managing other various themed events at an underground nightclub Arcan in Ho Chi Minh City.

Surrounded by many DJs, Wasabae was inspired to see what other dynamics she could offer to this exotic scene.

Mesmerized by the sounds of TB303, instead of being burnt by this unknown world, she is taking over and bringing a dark and seductive atmosphere to the dance floor.

Wasabae is ready to draw others amongst the flames that changed her and make them burn with her Acid-induced sets.

Arcan Club Adress : 236/43/21 Điện Biên Phủ, P17, Bình Thạnh, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam.

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