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EPIC - Lune De Musique

EPIC SKY LOUNGE's first " Above the Clouds" event in SG - an extremely new experience of melodies from deep and emotional - to epic powerful blast at Epic Sky Lounge - “Best Sky Lounge 360° view in SaiGon”.

-The trip from sunset to sunrise this time will be guided by the most talent and experienced DJs and artists in Vietnam. Coincidently and fortunately this event will also be a Surprise Debut to the Underground community!!!

Epic Lune De Musique

"Living a good life, Full of good vibes"

_Line Up:

. Anh Vy

. Tyan


. Dı Lınh

. Ro-TUNE ( live )


. Max Cleo


Ro-TUNE using the Toraiz SP16, Toraiz AS1 and Toraiz Squid for a live techno perform.

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