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hausvn x Aura pres. Roy Rosenfeld (All Day I Dream) [Extended Set]

Currently residing in Tel-Aviv, the capital of Israeli electronic music, but born and raised in the magical streets of Jerusalem.
Already in his youth, he was inspired by the clear air and powerful energy that were circling atop the city, and along the years, Roy Rosenfeld had turned more and more artistic. That is how music, and
the creation of it, had become the centerpiece of his life.
Roy had started to play and create electronic music, while developing different qualities and styles, both exciting and colorful, and flowing within the vast and varied musical spectrum that House and Techno music can offer.
Whether it’s dreamy/progressive/melodic/balearic/percussive/micro House or hypnotizing
Minimal/Techno – it really doesn’t matter, it all has the unique Roy Rosenfeld sound.

🎉Event: hausvn x Aura pres. Roy Rosenfeld (All Day I Dream) [Extended Set]
🗓Date: Fri, 19.08.2022
🕖 Time: 21:00 – 03:00
📍Location: Aura Saigon
2F Thi Sách, District 1

🎫 There are two ways to purchase tickets now / Có 2 cách mua vé như sau:
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🧥 Dress code: No slippers | Không đi dép lê
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