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Heart Beat Presents Claudio PRC // The Gods Planet [IT]

A mental, spiritual and physical journey into the abyss of music with Claudio PRC the King of Hypnotic sounds, Italian DJ and electronic music producer, based in Berlin. Co-founder of TGP coming this 21st of September at The Observatory!
:::::CLAUDIO PRC ▲The Gods Planet/Semantica/Prologue Music
:::::B.A.X. ▲ Holy Grail Music, Manual Music, Muak Music, 3rd Avenue, fryhide
::::::FLANK▲Pink Room Records, Heart Beat
:::::::PHUC LONG ▲ HRBR, Holy Grail Music
:::::::: DJ OUCH! ▲ HRBR, Heart Beat
Italian DJ and electronic music producer born in 1987 in Sardinia, based in Berlin. Co-founder of TGP.
Claudio PRC is an Italian deep techno specialist who takes cues from avant-garde and ambient music as well as the abyssal echoes of early hypnotic acid and dub. He’s been active as a DJ and producer since 2006 and released his records mainly on Prologue Music and Semantica Records. Co-founder of The Gods Planet label, from 2018 he’s resident DJ in one of Prague’s most valued clubs, Ankali, where he curates the Volumi Dinamici night.

Residing on the edges looking in.
Reforming from the exterior.
Residual traces attempting to replace hidden borders.'

PHUC LONG alias of Chris Wolter Heart Beat / HRBR founder

Hailing from Neuchâtel, Switzerland, Dj Ouch! started to play records in the late 90s. Moving to Madrid in 2000, he discovered deep house and techno and naturally started digging these styles in the numerous records shops of the city.

Travelling back to Switzerland in 2001 he attended SAE in Geneva until 2003 and started producing deep house, D&B and hip hop. He founded the Swiss drum and bass crew 'Insane Drumsounds' with DJs and musicians and started his collaboration with the label Urban Sound alongside residencies in various bars and clubs.

He moved to Saigon, Vietnam in 2012 where he is now regularly spinning tunes in venues such as The Observatory, The Lighthouse, Broma.

He started a collaboration with Heart Beat and co-founded HRBR (Harbour Saigon) in 2016.


Born in 1989 in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam, Bach was taught to play the piano when he was eight years old. Later on he took academic piano lessons at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music, graduated the Intermediate Long-term program in 2009 and achieved the Piano Bachelor's degree in 2014. Bach has been playing the piano for more than 10 years now and this impressive sound has had a big influence on his music career ever since he started playing. He then discovered his passion of composing music and started his own project ‘B.A.X.’ at the age of 18. He has spent a lot of time to do research about electronic music and composed his first New Age / Ambient works.

He started the DJ career since 2012 with Heart Beat Saigon and since 2016 with HRBR (Harbour Saigon). Through many years of cultivation, the color of his Deep House music has gradually become an unforgettable symbol, a color that melody and harmony are the main euphonious factor. On the dance floor, he develops the music in different angles that you never know what is interesting to expect next, his selection of tracks will make everyone crawl out of their shell, as the music becomes the cocoon.

From here on, he began to produce electronic music for his own dance floor. In 2018, his first release Microcrystals EP was released on MNL label by Paul Hazendonk, the release has been miraculously praised by Paul himself as well as other big names. Also in this year, he then released his track Hallucination Rain in the Muak Sampler compilation on Muak Music label by Zaki, making him more recognizable in the world music scene.

In 2019, he established his new label Holy Grail Music, focusing on his passion for melodic electronic music. As he said, this imprint was a dream that he have cherished for years, an opportunity for him to gradually expand the music production with local artists as well as artists around the world.

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